Bigeye Tuna – (Thunnus obesus)

Bigeye Tuna is a pelagic and seasonally migratory species is the closest we get to a local Canary tuna. Though most abundant during winter months – they are caught throughout the year.
The All tackle record for Bigeye tuna is from the Canary Islands.

Schools of tuna generally run deep during the day. Fishing methods include trolling with lures; live and whole bait fishing with mackerel, sardines, squid etc.

The Bigeye Tuna does not see very well when they reach the surface (because the eyes are specialised for deep water hunting) and are therefore more prone than other tuna species to take a full size marlin lure or similar.

At one time it was not recognized as a separate species but considered a variation of the yellowfin tuna – though the larger adults can be distinguished by having much shorter dorsal fins as well as generally being of more obese body shape (hence the Latin name).

It is an excellent food or sport fish – as well as an important commercial species

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