Dorado – (Coryphaena hippurus)

Dorado are found worldwide in tropical and warm temperate seas, the dolphinfish is pelagic, schooling, and migratory. Abundant around the canary islands in all sizes during the summer months. From schooling juveniles to record size male bulls.

The Dorado is a distinctive fish, both for its shape and its colors. It it is among the most colorful fish in the sea. The Dorado is rich iridescent blue or blue green dorsally; gold, bluish gold, or silvery gold on the lower flanks; and silvery white or yellow on the belly. The sides are sprinkled with a mixture of dark and light spots, ranging from black or blue to golden. Large males have high, vertical foreheads, while the female’s forehead is rounded. Males grow larger than females. They are extremely fast swimmers and feed extensively on flying fish and squid as well as on other small fish.

They have a particular affinity for swimming beneath buoys, seaweed, logs, and floating objects of almost any kind.
Hooked Dorado may leap or tailwalk, shooting first in one direction, then another. It is believed that they can reach speeds up to 80 km/h in short bursts.

Fishing methods include trolling artificial lures and live bait fishing or casting.
In addition to being a highly rated game fish, the dolphin is a delicious food fish.

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