Professional Captain / 1st Mate

Alex Moreno

Alex Moreno is a world class professional Captain / 1st mate who has been pursuing his passion for fishing since he was old enough to walk. When he’s not traveling around the world to the best fishing destinations he’s still out on the water back at his home in Costa Rica to provide amazing tours to all of you. With an endless smile and sense of adventure, he will provide you with a memorable experience out on the water. He has approximately twenty three years of working in the sport fishing industry and has released over eight thousand Sailfish, a little more than a thousand Marlins including Blue Marlins, Black Marlins and Striped Marlins. He also has an International Captain”s Licence to be able to navigate a two hundred ton boat.

Recently Alex has been working on a boat called  The Rodfather in Tenerife, in Tenerife, The Canary Islands in Spain specialising in Giant Tuna fish.