As the Rodfather Tenerife Fishing prepares for a fun-filled summer under the clear blue skies and over sparkling waters, we’d like to thank Simrad Yachting for their continuous support which allows us to be “always on the fish”.

As the best equipped boat of the pack – we use all available methods to stay ahead. Real time, satellite pictures as well as “top of the game” side scanning electronics, an ultra high definition, digital sounder and “bird mode” radar are only some of our “party tricks”.

Advanced equipment and fishing gear on board help minimise risks. It also optimises your chartering experience as our experts lead the way.

This article introduces you to our leading sponsor ‘Simrad Yatching’

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What Does Simrad Yachting Offer?

Simrad Yachting currently delivers premium-grade fishing gear for boats in every shape and size. These include professional equipment for super yachts, luxury boats, sporting vessels, and smaller boats. Over the years, the company has expanded its inventory. It’s now one of the most reputable and well-stocked markets for the best technology for fishing. They can cater to everything you can imagine with gadgets and gizmos to catch local fish faster.

There you’ll find advanced technology and solutions ready for use. These include equipment for patrolling, search and rescue, transporting goods, and other functions.  

As our leading sponsors, Simrad Yachting offers:

  • A complete set of navigation and communications tools
  • Highly reliable solutions for fishing
  • Premium-grade durability
  • Cooperative and credible consultancy
  • Actionable advice for using practical sea gear and equipment
  • The latest technology and brands

Simrad Yachting are genuinely interested in sharing knowledge and skills with others.  You can consult them to make an informed decision about your new electronics.

Help & Support

The Best Technology for Fishing 

Simrad Yachting supplied us a full range of new electronics that can enhance your sea experience.

Here are our top picks:

1. Chartplotter: NSS12 evo3nss-evo3s-hero.jpg

Having a multifunction display on the cockpit when using larger boats will help anglers to see and understand what’s going on down there when you are trying to get the fish you are looking for.
We use the SIMRAD NSS evo3 12″ and 16″ on The Rodfather 1 and the NSS evo3S 16″ and 24″ on The Rodfather 2 with an OP50 remote controllerOP50 can be used to add classic controls to a touchscreen system, as the main controller for a non-touch system, or to give one station total control over multiple Simrad displays.

NSO evo3S System

Build your ultimate navigation system around NSO evo3S. A iMX 8 high-performance processor ensures rapid responses to your every command, while the Full HD display gives you stunning clarity. Connect with GPS, state-of-the-art radar and sonar modules, keypads and other accessories or integrate with an extensive range of 3rd party technologies

Chartplotters (or fish finders) are nifty navigation devices for sea crews. They are advanced GPS systems that show you the location on the world map instead of pinpointing the coordinates.More importantly, the StructureScan® HD imaging and CHIRP-enabled sonar system can help you find the best fishing spots in the surrounding area.

NSO12 Evo 3 operates with WiFi and has a high-resolution HDMI output. It can be highly convenient for users who want to transfer screen images to other digital devices like tablets, smartphones, or even the telly installed on-board.

Key Features

  • It simplifies navigation with built-in GPs and a high-definition screen display
  • Ultra-intuitive sensors for viewing weather and fishing conditions
  • Higher visibility and clarity during sea expeditions regardless of the weather conditions
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Easy to install and use

2. Simrad Radars

The Rodfather 1

Radar HALO24


Staying alert and on guard when you’re boating can prove challenging in new territories. HALO24 minimises these risks by providing real-time coverage of the sea encompassing you. The long-distance radar covers up to 48 nautical miles and a range as close as 60 rpm to avoid potential collisions.

It uses cutting-edge VelocityTrack doppler technology to keep an eye on oncoming hazards. The radar comes in a compact, space-saving space with a dome antenna to capture signals faster. The collective features make navigation during your fishing trip relatively easy and safe.

Key Features

  • Easy setup and optimum operation speed
  • Low energy standby mode for quicker activation
  • User-friendly navigation system
  • Intelligent Velocity Track doppler technology to track navigation
  • It covers long distances with its hypersensitive detection system ( up to 48 nautical miles)

The set comes with a waterproofing cable and connectors to ensure everything comes into place before you jet off to catch some fish.

The Rodfather 2

Simrad HALO-6 Pulse Compression Radar

Safety, Weather, and Bird-Finder Radar
Halo radar delivers a comprehensive range of features to enhance your situational awareness and on-water safety. Monitor selected collision hazards with MARPA target tracking, or automatically highlight all approaching targets with the optional VelocityTrack™ Doppler motion-tracking upgrade. Keep watch on distant storm cells in Weather mode, your own real-time meteorological service. Halo radar also works as a powerful bird-finder, a must-have tool for sportfishing enthusiasts and pro anglers. Halo radar’s smart Weather and Bird modes require no manual tuning, just set the mode and go.

Key Features

  • True 72nm range with 6-foot open array antenna
  • Beam Sharpening for enhanced target separation
  • Simultaneous Dual Range operation
  • Dedicated Harbour, Offshore, Weather, and Bird modes
  • High-speed 48 RPM operation for rapid updates
  • Ready instantly from standby, and in 16-25 seconds from power-on
  • MARPA target tracking (up to 10 targets, 20 in dual range)
  • VelocityTrack™ Doppler technology for collision avoidance

3. SIMRAD AP44 full Auto pilot kit

Are you looking for an autopilot controller for yachts and boats?This all-in-one pack includes everything you need to build a Simrad autopilot system.

What´s in the box:

TR-120-KIT Network Terminator Kit
N2K-PWR-RD Network Power Node
Precision-9 Compass
RPU160 Drive Unit
NAC-3 Autopilot Computer
AP44 Autopilot Controller

Key Features

– Ideal for outboard and I/O boats up to 15 metres (50 feet)
– Complete pack includes everything you need to get started
– Virtual Rudder Feedback simplifies installation
– Easy setup with automatic tuning and compass calibration
– Features automated turn patterns for fuel-efficient, hands-free manoeuvres
– No Drift steering holds your course against wind and tide
– Depth contour tracking makes it easy to fish ledges and drop-offs

Simrad AP44 might be right for you. The autopilot controller comes with high-end built-in features that make automated navigation easy. It features a full-colour display setup with rotatory known, contemporary Glass Helm styling and control buttons. Other specialised features include drift-free steering mode, depth contour following and automated turn patterns.

The device comes with a “set and forget” mode that allows you to fish easily. You can just enter the relevant coordinates and automatically allow the yacht to steer. You can also synchronise its setting with the Chartplotter for more accuracy.

4. RS20S VHF Radio


Fishing in Costa Adeje doesn’t have to be a lonely or isolating experience. You can always call for emergency support when things go wrong. Simrad Yachting has developed a premium-grade VHF radio with a GPS receiver to ensure your journey goes well.

The versatile RS20S VHF Radio meets the legal compliance required to become a DSC Class D certified VHF radio signal operator. The compact radio can fit with boats and charters of different sizes. It operates well and can connect you to multiple radio channels operating in international waters.

You can contact them during emergencies whenever required.

Key Features

  • Hassle-free installation
  • Multiple radio settings for local and international channels
  • A built-in GPS receiver to support rescue missions
  • A premium-quality DSC Class D certified VHF radio
  • Higher visibility and durability rates

5. Sonic AIRMAR B275LH-W

The AIRMAR B275 LW-H connected to our new SIMRAD NSSEVO3s with the Cmap plus the Halo radar on Bird mode will make our lifes a lot easier.

This is a wide-beam chirp-ready transducer that offers a high frequency range of 150-250 kHz with a constant 25° beam width, along with a low frequency that chirps from 42 kHz to 65 kHz. The fixed 25-degree beam provides twice as much coverage as usual beneath the boat, and the transducer’s high-performance fairing improves performance at speeds over 30 knots. This combo is perfect for searching the upper water column for pelagics and having the wide coverage for the deeper depths too.

The B275LH-W is a dual CHIRP transducer with a bronze thru-hull mount. It’s compatible with commercial fishing boats and sporting boats of various sizes. It can work for boats sized 7.7 m (25 ft) in length and bigger boats. That means it functions well in deep water and shallow water.

Key Features

  • Highly reliable transducer
  • Premium-quality resolution
  • Compatible with sport and commercial fishing boats
  • Dual-channel transducer with different frequencies

In a Nutshell

Simrad Yachting has the largest supply of marine equipment and high-end technology online. We take great pride in having them as our key sponsors. This affiliation allows our clients to access the best electronics for fishing whenever they board our yachts and charters.

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