Blue Marlin, (Makaira nigricans)

Blue Marlin is a pelagic and migratory species typically arrives in good numbers in May – and fish are caught as late as November. The season is long compared to most other places – although the fish can migrate between the islands. Normally the early season is best on the westerly Islands – including South Tenerife, La Gomera – and as the season develops the fish move towards the eastern islands – providing fine fishing in Fuerteventura till quite late in the year.

All giant marlins are females, and male blue marlin rarely exceed 300 lbs. They are known to feed on squid and pelagic fishes. A powerful, aggressive fighter, they run hard and long, sound deep, and leap high into the air in a seemingly inexhaustible display of strength. Fishing methods include trolling various types of artificial lures and “Bait’n’Switch.

Some very large specimens have been caught and weighed by sports anglers – with several close to the 1200 lbs. mark. Even larger fish have been reported as released or caught by commercial fishermen.

Currently all killing (and thereby weighing) of Marlin has been banned by Spanish law. Hence a strict catch and release policy is followed by all boats.

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